Historic Venues in Toronto for Weddings

Are you looking for a unique historic venue for your wedding ceremony and reception? One of the most beautiful venues in Toronto is the historic Eglinton Grand. Built in classic Art Deco style, this former movie theatre combines the glamour and elegance of 1930s Hollywood with the efficiency of a 21st century full-service facility.

The Eglinton Theatre was known as the “Show Place of Toronto” for many years. The lobby’s high ceilings, glittering chandeliers, and Art Deco fireplace complemented the plush furniture, rich fabrics, and golden statuary of the theatre. Even the bathrooms were luxurious, with spacious anterooms and ornate fixtures. The site was declared a historic landmark in 1993.

Following the closure of the theatre in 2002, it was lovingly restored in 1930s style and reimagined as an events venue. With an extensive and impressive menu and state-of-the-art audio-visual capability, the Eglinton Grand may just be the perfect spot for your wedding!
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Historic Wedding Venues in Toronto


There are various wonderful sites in Toronto that are commonly used for weddings. Such as the Carlu, the Design Exchange, the Atlantis, the Guild Inn, and the Eglinton Grand. If you want to celebrate at one of these spots, be sure to plan ahead! These beautiful venues are in high demand, especially in the summer months.


Selecting a Venue


When choosing a location, you’ll want to consider various criteria. Here are just a few:

  • Use. Is the venue suitable for both wedding and reception? If not, where will the other part of the event take place?
  • Rooms. Does the venue offer a room of the right size? Too large, and your wedding will look poorly attended; too small, and the guests may be uncomfortable.
  • Budget. Can you afford the venue? Are packaged wedding deals available? Talk to staff to see if there are ways to trim facility fees.
  • Menu. How extensive is the menu? Do you have the meal choices you prefer? Does the venue have a kosher kitchen? Do you have the option of a sit-down dinner if that’s what you want? Will the catering staff provide vegetarian meals or other dietary accommodations?
  • Location. Will guests be able to find the venue easily? Is it accessible by TTC as well as by car?
  • Ambience. Is the venue beautiful? Will it require decoration to make it appear festive?
  • Technology. What type of tech will you need? Does the facility have audio-visual capacity for speeches, slideshow presentations, or music
Make sure to choose wisely, so that your wedding will be a beautiful lifelong memory!

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