“Great Gatsby” sweet 16 Birthday Party Toronto

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“Great Gatsby” sweet 16 Birthday Party Toronto

“Great Gatsby” Sweet 16 Birthday Party Toronto


My daughter loves to read, and her new favourite book is The Great Gatsby, yes it's an old one but she's really into reading so that's always good.


She also watched the film with her school not too long ago and fell in love with the fashion and look of the 1920s, as a result I was looking to plan a Great Gatsby themed sweet 16 birthday party for her and all her friends.

I have heard from many that your Toronto based venue specializes in the whole art deco theme which would make it the perfect venue for her sweet 16 birthday party.


Do you offer any birthday packages for something like a sweet 16 party? 

Great Gatsby sweet 16 party


By The Eglinton Grand



Thank you for your question.


We can definitely customize a sweet 16 birthday party event, we would customize it accordingly based on food & beverage, minimum number of guests & day/month of the event.

A Great Gatsby themed party would be perfect at our venue seeing as we stay true to the style of Art Deco which was so highly emphasized in the story.
The Eglinton Grand can also offer suggestions to make your themed party a hit, help in the coordination and make every aspect of planning the sweet 16 birthday party that much easier.
I'm sure your daughter and her friends would love it! 
Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any further questions regarding the planning of your daughter's sweet 16 birthday party. 
More information about our historic Toronto venue and everything we have to offer is also available on our website.
Thank You. 
Great gatsvy sweet 16 Toronto

Level 3 (XP: 950)
last year
so cute. luv the idea!!!! Eglinton Grand has got it all.
The Eglinton Grand
last year
Thank you for your comment!
Level 4 (XP: 1150)
2 years ago
I've been to the Garden party in Toronto and it was fun so having a themed party is an awesome idea! I'm sure your daughter and her friends will love it.