Art Deco Wedding Toronto

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Art Deco Wedding Toronto

My fiancé and I are planning our wedding and have settled on an art deco style theme. In searching for the perfect venue for our special day, we came across the Eglinton Grand and instantly fell in love with everything your facility has to offer.


Are there any extra little details that your venue would allow us to add? We wanted for our guests to be able to use vape style cigars since it would add to the art deco, 30’s theme we’re going for. I don’t know if that it’s ok, what with the new Toronto vaping laws but your venue is by far the nicest and most art deco oriented!


We would love to have it there. So would cigar type vapes be permitted?


By The Eglinton Grand
Congratulations on your engagement!
The Eglinton Grand has been know for it's historic vibe and Art Deco beauty for a long time and I'm sure it would be the perfect venue for an Art Deco/20's themed wedding. 
We are not too aware of the details regarding the vaping laws in Ontario and how they relate to the no smoking in door law, as a result we cannot permit them on the premises. This is simply to avoid any issues with guests who are more sensitive to smells and smoke. 
As an alternative you could always invest in cos play cigars, some of them are on the more realistic side and you do not have to worry about sensitivities, buying them in bulk will also be more cost effective for you.
I hope this helps, Thank you for your inquiry. 
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last year
art deco wedding is famous for its elegant and stylish layout.
The Eglinton Grand
last year
Art Deco Themed weddinga are one of our most popular events.
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2 years ago
An art deco wedding! Sounds like so much fun! and the Eglinton Grand would make the perfect venue!