Eglinton Grand Wedding Capacity

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Eglinton Grand Wedding Capacity
Eglinton Grand Wedding Capacity
My fiancée and I are looking venues in Toronto for our wedding, and we would like to know what your capacity is or how many people you can accommodate.We are very much interested in the Eglinton Grand as it'll fit the vintage theme we are going for and as a Toronto wedding venue it'll suit us well.
Thank you in advance!


By The Eglinton Grand
Thank you for the question! As a Toronto wedding venue option, The Eglinton Grand's legal standing capacity is 850 people, which works out to accommodate 400 seated capacity. This roughly translates into 40 to 50 tables, which is a great amount of space for a spectacular wedding. 
The Eglinton Grand is one of Toronto's most historic venues and will be sure to make your vintage themed wedding a memorable one.
Please feel free to contact us for more information or visit our website for more details, we are always happy to answer any other questions you may have.
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thanks for the suggestions. Your advice is always educational and professional.