Mistakes every bride makes

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Weddings can be a hassle in there own right. don't make the same mistakes other brides make. Make the best of your wedding with no issue on the day of. Become the bride that doesn't turn into a bridzilla with some quick simple tips and tricks that will help you and your fiancé.
Don't put yourself first. I know its hard but think of others before making any crucial decisions.
Buying the dress before the venue.  You don't know what the surrounding will be like.
Ruling out a wedding planner. It's more stress on you
Wedding photo.  Pick a place with great natural lighting and destination that you can take pictures easily.
Crash Dieting.  Its unhealthy and can cause implications.
Bridesmaid dress. Its important to pick a bridesmaid dress that compliment your dress.
Feeding vendors. Plan on feeding the vendors. Its a nice gesture and good for performance.
Hello! Greet everyone with excitement
Hair and Makeup. Carve some time into your busy schedule to prepare for wedding day hair and makeup with a professional.
Lack of research. This is very important , know your stuff!
You don't match your bouquet with your dress.  
Ignore your Eyebrow.  It will intensify your makeup and make you look fabulous.
Small details.  Remember small things matter
Relax. Don't need to stress over things
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