Planning a Star Wars Wedding in Toronto

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Planning a Star Wars Wedding in Toronto
Planning a wedding can seem like such a daunting task even though it's also an exciting time. It's a mix of emotions for everyone involved, from choosing a theme, deciding on a budget and the amount of guests to choosing the right venue. The list can seem endless but taking the time to make all the right choices early on will make all the difference.
Toronto is home to a vast selection of wedding venues to choose from, The Eglinton Grand being one of them. It's vintage feel has attracted Torontonians for some time. Many people have chosen the Eglinton Grand as their go to venue for themed weddings and events alike.
Toronto wedding venue Toronto Wedding Venue Toronto wedding venue
Toronto wedding venue
Planning a themed wedding? Planning a Star Wars themed wedding? The Eglinton Grand can make that happen. The above clip is an example that had their very own Star Wars themed wedding at our venue which was such a success that it went viral.
Here are some ideas if you're planning a Star Wars themed wedding:
-pick the right venue
-have an epically themed photo-shoot
-themed engagement rings, does the bride mind having an R2-D2 engagement ring?
(perhaps the box can be shaped like the famous little droid)
- Star Wars cuff-links for the groom, maybe a storm trooper
- Lightsaber recessional archway for the ceremony or entry into the reception 
- Custom runners for the aisle 
More fun ideas for your Star Wars themed wedding can be found here: "Star Wars Wedding Ideas" 
The Possibilities are endless for a wedding theme as unique as Star Wars!
Give us a call to find out how we can make your themed wedding a reality and have a look at how one Toronto couple tied the knot at our venue. 
Have any more questions for us?
Would you like more information about our venue and how we can host your wedding or themed event?
Feel free to contact us or visit our website for more details about our facility and the service we provide. 
Level 4 (XP: 1450)
last year
a themed wedding looks like so much fun!
The Eglinton Grand
last year
Having a fun themed wedding is very popular
Level 11 (XP: 5350)
2 years ago
Wow! I'm already married but this one thing I wouldve love to do for my wedding. Who knows if I renew my vows with my husband and we decide to do a big party I might go with a Star Wars theme.