Planning a Wedding in Toronto

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Planning a Wedding in Toronto
Everything you Need to Know. 
It's both exciting and stressful for sure when that special someone goes down on one knee to say the 4 words that can change your life drastically and forever. But you know what's more stressful?
The aftermath. 
Planning a wedding is something that you look forward to as a kid but when the time comes your emotions overflow with joy and excitement being blinded by the dream wedding you imagine it to be.  Well, make that dream come true with valuable tips and tricks that will make your day the most valuable memory aside from possibly having children. 
Its hard to know where to start from the variety of bouquets, music, invitations and the planning of vows. 
Here are some things that will help start your journey into wedding planning 101.
Get Organized.  Make sure to have a wedding binder or a folder in which you can keep track of research, interests, purchase and much more.
Research the world of weddings.  Become an expert about weddings know your stuff this will make it much easier on you and your fiancé. This will help because you are already prepared for small and big details that will be thrown at you. (Caterers, planner, photographer, florist)
Deliberate outside matters.  Start of by thinking critically about other people and the small details that will end up becoming big problems if you do not follow through with your plan; such as your budget, the number of guests, the place, etc.
The 5 W's. go through the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and possibly the WHY. Think of options and investigate problems that arise when going through the 5W's. such as guest list, what is needed for my wedding, when will it take place and where. Will you be inviting everyone you know? What are some of the themes you want to focus on? Will your wedding take place in the spring, summer, fall or winter? Have you always dreamed of having your wedding at a specific Toronto venue? 
Hire an expert. Don't depend on someone that doesn't know what they're doing or is inexperienced because half the time they are more confused and stressed out than you are. Search for photographers and planners that can create your vision with ease and confidence.
Select, Plan, Purchase.  Don't wait till the last moment to purchase your dress or bridesmaid dresses. Select the venue, bridesmaids and other necessities early rather than stretching it out because that will cause stress when closing in on the special day. 
Finalize. Make sure to conform and finalize the date, venue, performers, people and other things to make sure everything is kept on track.
Relax.  Take sometime to yourself, remember it's not about the materialistic things but about your life long happiness with your fiancé, remember why you're getting married in the first place. The celebration of your love for one another. 
Plan your wedding with The Eglinton Grand, when things don't always go as anticipated, they are here to help! 
The Eglinton Grand, as a Toronto based wedding venue, customizes ceremonies and celebrations to honour the couples on their special day. As an added bonus a dedicated Event Details Manager and team handles all the details preparation, and personalized amenities,
They partner with local Toronto experts and professionals in the industry to ensure your wedding week is seamless in execution, and flawless in the details. Your guests will leave with wonderful memories of the best wedding they have ever attended.
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Nice! and yes! planning a wedding is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo stressful, sometimes you just cant wait until it's over
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Very useful Tips to follow and the at the Eglinton Grand we would be more than happy to assist with any needed planning.